Ketamine Center
of Greater Hartford


Your first appointment will begin with a consultation with Dr. Rosenfeld, either by phone or in person. The doctor will speak with you to further complete your mental and physical health history. Dr. Rosenfeld will answer any questions you may have.

When you arrive for your infusion, you will be brought to a comfortable, private treatment room. Feel free to stay in your street clothes throughout the process.


To get started, an initial set of vital signs will be taken. The doctor will then locate a vein on your arm, wrist or hand and almost painlessly insert a tiny needle to introduce a thin, flexible IV catheter. The catheter will be connected to a syringe infusion pump, containing your required dose of ketamine, which will be used to deliver your medication.

During the procedure, your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation will be monitored. We will also monitor your response to the medication to make sure your infusion proceeds uneventfully. The initial dose will be determined by your weight, age and physical condition. Subsequent doses may be adjusted based on your response to the initial infusion. The infusion will last approximately 50 minutes for mood disorders and 4 hours for pain disorders. Once the infusion begins, you will have privacy to rest, read, or work. At the conclusion of the infusion the IV catheter will be removed and you will be able to relax in your room until you feel ready to leave. Most effects of the medicine wear off within minutes after the infusion, but patients can feel more tired than usual for a few hours after the infusion. Although feeling back to normal, ketamine is still in your system and you will require a ride home with a companion.

Some patients may experience a slight bit of nausea during treatment. If you do become nauseous, it can be controlled with a small dose of anti-nausea medication added directly to the IV infusion. If you have a history of nausea or prone to motion sickness, please inform us prior to your infusion.


The ketamine will begin to have its effect within minutes after the infusion begins. Most people find the ketamine infusion therapy experience to be pleasant. You should not hallucinate or lose consciousness. Physically, you will feel extremely relaxed, but your mind will remain alert. Listening to relaxing music (instrumental not vocal provides the best results) or guided meditation helps with the experience. Please ensure your playlist will last the duration of your infusion. Relaxing music and guided meditations may be found on YouTube. Each treatment room is outfitted with Wi-Fi.

Some patients experience a dissociative effect while relaxing. During this period, you may notice an “out of body” sensation. Most patients enjoy this experience, but some find it a bit unusual. Many patients find that some level of dissociation is associated with a subsequent better response to the ketamine infusion.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call or email us.